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Long Life Design

12 Volt DC permanent magnet motor with sealed ball bearing; virtually unbreakable nylon fan blade; side-shroud improves air flow.
Part No 03611 - Price $225.00

Price subject to change without notice

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When operating a hay baler, you demand fast and efficient work.  Having a hay knotter that gets plugged, jammed, and stops operating can be frustrating.  As parts wear out and need replacement, these operational headaches quickly become expensive and time consuming.

Eliminate Frustrations  The rugged HECO Hay Knotter Fan with a built-in side shroud blows away dirt, loose hay, and debris resulting in fast and efficient operation.

Virtually Eliminate Downtime  Field studies show that the addition of a HECO Hay Knotter Fan can increase the life of moving parts associated with the hay mechanism by as much as 50%.  Downtime and hay knotter cleanup is virtually eliminated, saving you time and money.

Easy Installation  HECO Hay Knotter Fans mount in the shroud over the hay knotter.  For each fan, cut one large hole, drill four mounting holes, and wire to a 12 volt power source.  If your baler has no shroud, you can either add a shroud or use a mounting bracket for the hay knotter fan.  Small balers require one 12" fan.  Large balers should have two or three 12" fans.

HECO Hay Knotter Fans can be used with Hesston, Freeman, New Holland, International/Case, and other balers.


Fan Blade: 12"  
Fan Guard (O.D.): 13 1/2"  
Mounting Bolt Center: 15"  
Height: 7 1/2"  
Air Flow: 2000 CFM  
Current Draw: 10 Amps  
Parts For 03611 Fan Assembly
12" Guard with Shroud:
03613 | $56.75  
12" Nylon Fan Blade:
03616 | $44.00  
Flat Guard:
03617 | $25.00  
Motor 12 Volt:
03618 | $115.00  
Knotter Fan Accessories
73242 | $9.00

Heavy Duty Toggle Switch
Die cast housing, silver contacts, heavy copper terminals.
Ideal for low voltage-high amp applications.
On/Off 2 position with copper screw terminals.
Red Handle S.P.S.T.
Rated 50 amps at 6/12/24 Volts DC
15/32" stem diameter x 15/32" length
Fits 1/2" Mounting Hole

75155 | $8.00

Type III - Manual Reset Circuit Breaker
Temperature Range: Operating 10° to 150° F.
50 Amp
Splash proof-dust proof
Stud type-plastic manual reset with mounting bracket

For 3-12" Fan Assemblies
Used on 4' wide balers

72225 | $8.00
Type I - 12 Volt Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker
Plastic with mounting brackets
Splash proof-dust proof
15 Amp

For Single Fan Assemblies
Prices are subject to change without notice.
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